Decorate our quality puzzles with creative artistic talents and be pleased.  Use them for teaching, advertising copy, parties, photo puzzles, crafts, and treasured exhibites.
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How many times does the letter s occur in the name of the longest river in the world?
Solution is given elsewhere.

Rectangle Blank Jigsaw Puzzles come in various sizes and number of pieces ready for the artist, young or old, to customize with their choice of art materials.  They are great for teaching aids in school and church, meetings, promotions, advertising, business cards, parties, invitations, shut-ins of all ages, and artwork.  Our most popular puzzles.

Drawable Jigsaw Puzzles are color-in jigsaw puzzles made of quality, sturdy, lie flat, assembled, white jigsaw board stock with various images printed on them.  They do not come apart while being worked on.  The puzzles are ideal for rainy day shut-ins of all ages, but especially kids.  They will be entertained for hours.  Just like coloring in coloring books only better.

Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles are ready to decorate, disassemble and solve. We sell:  eggs, stars, hearts, circles, pyramids, t-shirts, Christmas images, and card suits.  The eggs are good for get acquainted games, and other teaching aids like math, language parts, and image identification.  The hearts work well for sending love notes, or invitations.

Thin Printable Jigsaw Puzzles can be printed with any image, photograph, or design, using your computer printer or paper copier.  You can imprint any computer image like:  photos, love messages, party invitations, advertising copy with logo, greeting card puzzles, Christmas cards, and business cards.  They can then be disassembled and mailed, because they are light weight.

Twin Printable Jigsaw Puzzles are a breakthrough in customized puzzles.  Computer print the top thin layer with an image of your choice and glue it to the bottom thick layer.  You have created your own personalized thick jigsaw puzzle.  You can make photo jigsaws of:  sweethearts, family, friends, pets, and scenes; also advertizing copy, and greeting cards.  You decide.

We also sell some Other Puzzles that really don't fit anywhere, our odds and ends department:  stationary, business cards, playing card suits, wooden puzzles, sample assortment, Christmas assortment, plus greeting and spaceship assortments.

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We have sold blank jigsaw puzzles to satisfied repeat customers of all ages and walks of life since December, 2005

We specialize in quality, Blank Jigsaw Puzzles, for fun creation by artists of all ages. Use for: teaching, advertising, photos.  At Make Jigsaw Puzzles, we manufacture a large variety of unique, quality, blank jigsaw puzzles, ready to hand decorate or print with a computer.  Our jigsaw puzzles come preassembled, in a variety of puzzle sizes, number of pieces, piece sizes, thicknesses, and configurations.  Create your own jigsaw puzzles.

As you can see we have rectangle jigsaw puzzles that are just like regular jigsaw puzzles except they are blank, ready to decorate.  We have drawable jigsaw puzzles with ink-line images ready to color; ideal jigsaw puzzles for kids. We also have jigsaw puzzles that come in various shapes and computer printable jigsaw puzzles; thin printables that will  pass through a printer plus two part twin printable jigsaw puzzles, the tops are thin computer printable puzzles that glue to the thick identically jigsaw die cut bases.  We make it easy for you to create your own jigsaw puzzles.
You can decorate our jigsaw puzzles using:  colored pencils, pens, crayons, paints (no oil base), rubber stamps, stencils, airbrush, and screen painting.  The printable jigsaw puzzles can be finished with a computer printer, or run through a plain paper copier.  They are die cut, but stay assembled.  These jigsaw puzzles will not come apart while you are working on them.  Our jigsaw puzzles come preassembled, they DO NOT come pieces-in-a-box like other puzzles.   They are ready for you to create your own jigsaw puzzles.
Each jigsaw puzzle is excellent for:  promotions, advertising, meetings, parties, invitations, place settings, name tags, get acquainted games, thank you notes, gifts, teaching math, languages, art, Bible school; plus mail art, greeting cards, and many other uses.
People of all ages can successfully decorate our jigsaw puzzles; then  disassemble and jigsaw puzzle solve them.  Every puzzle will brighten faces, especially the shut-ins of all ages, bring smiles, and keep them entertained for a long time.
Our jigsaw puzzles are grouped into the following types:

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